Who We Are!The folks at KrishaStudio are expert video creators who will take the time and effort to understand your needs so they can provide you with the best possible outcome. KrishaStudio is a leading 黄豆奶视频 video production company that provides a wide range of 黄豆奶视频 video production services to businesses across various industry verticals. Read More
Creative and Effective Animated Video SolutionsWhether you want to engage employees or convert clicks into customers, our services help you reach your business goals! Whiteboard VideoWhiteboard animation videos promote your brand in an attractive way. They can explain any process & system in a creative manner. Read MOre Explainer VideoElevate your brand with striking explainer videos to get your message across to your audience. Read MOre 2D Animation Video2D Animation video production allows you to communicate and bring your ideas, products and services to life. Read MOre Motion Graphics VideoThe advent of the internet and mobile devices have made way for video to emerge in a more abundant and relevant way than it has in the past. Read MOre Product Demo VideoWe create attractive and gripping product demo videos that clearly communicate your product or service in action. Read MOre Corporate Video Whether you want introduce your new CEO or create training material for your employees, KrishaStudio makes corporate videos of all kinds! Read MOre View All Services
The Process: How We Work After we’ve broken the ice, our masterminds lock themselves in a room to brainstorm how we can best reflect your brand creatively. We don’t let ourselves out till we are satisfied with the results!Discussion Our team of experts brainstorms the best methods to cater to all your brand’s needs.Concept & Script Once the brainstorm session is complete and the larger concept is finalized, we pen down a script.Voiceover We know some of the best voiceover artists in the industry and we match each of their unique talents to the requirements of the script.illustration We also give you a detailed storyboard to give you a fair idea of how the script will flow.Animation We have a great special effects team on board who are known to create some fantastic animations!Music In the post production stage, we add the necessary music to make the film come to life.Video Publish Now that your video is ready to go live, we publish it on various social media platforms for maximum outreach.
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All The Industries We’ve Catered ToFrom fashion and food to technology and lifestyle, we have had the honor to work with prestigious brands belonging to a variety of industries. Health Care Professional Services Education Finance Government Human Resources Manufacturing Marketing and Media Non Profit Products and Retail
FAQ How much time will it take to create an explainer video? It depends on the type of video you require. A whiteboard video will require 2 to 3 weeks for execution whereas a 2D video will require 3 to 4 weeks for execution. A 3D video will take 4 to 5 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the video. Will we be able to create a video for you even if you are from a different state/ country? Yes, even if you are at the other end of the Earth, we can create an explainer video for you, provided you are accessible via phone, email, Skype, Zoom or any other conference apps. If you can provide us with a timely feedback on each stage in our process, we can deliver the video on time for you. Distance hasn’t been an issue for us till date. We have worked with many international clients who are happy with our services. What are our policies regarding revision and feedbacks? We provide you with 2 iterations at each stage of our video creation process. What are the different types of video services that we provide? There are mainly four different types of videos: Whiteboard videos, 2D 黄豆奶视频 videos, 3D 黄豆奶视频 videos, Live action videos, 2D 黄豆奶视频 videos are further divided into object based 2D video, character based 2D video, motion graphics, stop motion videos, etc. You can find more about it in our service page. Do we provide you with a script or concept? Yes, we do. We help you out from scratch. Just give us an idea and your marketing objectives and we will create a story out of it. We start by providing you with multiple approaches for the video. Once you confirm on one of the approaches, we share multiple concepts with you. After confirming one of the concepts, we move forward to the storyline. Once the storyline is confirmed, we provide you with a draft of the script. After the necessary edits, we provide you with a final script. What will be included in the final delivery? The following are the final deliverables: The final explainer video in MP4 or MOV format in HD (1080p or above). A 480p version of the video that has been compressed so it can be shared on WhatsApp. A high-quality YouTube thumbnail image.
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